The Organizational Contract of Public Action on Education and Health (COAPES) and its guidelines were published by the Departments of Health and Education through the Interministerial Ordinance No. 1.127 of August 6, 2015.

The Regional Jataí of UFG was one of the first Higher Education Institutions to sign COAPES, by regulating the actions of Teaching-Service (internships and practical classes), in the ambit of the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) of Jataí / GO.

All actions involving Internships and/or practical classes in the dependencies of the SMS MUST be intermediated by the COAPES Management Committee, whose management is currently described and published in the Official Gazette of Jataí. This Committee meets monthly, according to ORDINARY MEETINGS CALENDAR, for deliberations and referrals.

The flowchart and the necessary documentation to protocol requests for internships and practical classes in the ambit of the Municipal Health Secretariat are available here.

At our Regional Office, we have the following representative team:


- Prof. Dr. Ana Luísa de Castro - Professor;
- Professor Sabrina Toffoli Leite - Substitute.

Teaching Representation UFG/REJ: 

- Professor Dr. Ludmila Greek Maia - Professor;
- Professor Myrian Carolina Queiroz - Substitute.

Student representation UFG/REJ: 

- Wanderson Sant'ana de Almeida - Professor;
- Mayane Oliveira Assis - Substitute.

Any contact with the Management Committee can be done by e-mail